Sub 1 GHz PC spectrum analyser

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The USB RF stick is based around the Silabs Si4432 RF chip which can receive signals from a frequency range of 240.0 - 930.0 MHz.

The USB RF stick is by no means a replacement for a benchtop spectrum analyzer. It is however: Cheap. Light and Portable.

The USB RF stick comes with Windows USB drivers and a Windows Simple Spectrum Analyzer application.


The USB RF stick comes with the Simple Spectrum Analyzer application.

The Simple Spectrum Analyzer can be used to do measurements such as:

  • Interference checking.
  • Checking for 'carrier' or any other RF communication in the sub 1 Ghz band.

    The following screenshots show some real measurements done with the application and stick.

    Carrier on 868.5 MHz

    Unknown signal on 433.92 MHz

    GSM call in progress

    Runaway carrier

    Voltcraft Energy count 300 on 868.3 MHz

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